Friday, December 12, 2008

Ulasan Dari Khutbah Haji 1429H Di Arafah

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Updated at: 1624 PST, Sunday, December 07, 2008

Shedding human blood on land is disliked by Allah: Hajj khutba ARAFAT: Grand mufti of Saudi Arabia as-Sheikh Abdul Aziz Aal as-Sheikh said in the khutba al-Hajj here on Sunday that Islam does not allow terrorism and the true Muslim is only one who follows the orders of Allah.

He said that shedding blood of people is strictly prohibited in Islam.

The grand mufti has urged the Muslims to hold tightly the rope of Allah and practice the Islamic teachings.

He was delivering the khutba al-Hajj at Masjid an-Nimra in Arafat where millions of the pilgrims gathered from all over the world to perform the most important phase of the Hajj today.

As-Sheikh Abdul Aziz Aal as-Sheikh said that the Muslims’ beliefs are based only on Quran and Sunnah and the Muslims have to follow them.

He asked Muslims to strengthen their relationship with Islam and adopt ‘Taqwa’.

More than 2.5 million pilgrims were present in Arafat for performing the Hajj.

Earlier, millions of the pilgrims of Hajj stayed for one day at Mina, the city of tents, in the first phase of Hajj and recited Quran and offered prayers for whole night.

After offering the Fajr prayer early in the morning, the pilgrims began their travel to Arafat in the second phase of Hajj. They moved towards Arafat raising voices of Allahumma Labbaik.

Many of them went to Arafat already in the night and installed their tents near Jabal ar-Rahmah and Masjid an-Nimra.

The pilgrims have offered the prayers of Zohr and Asr with only one Azaan. Those pilgrims, who could not reach Masjid an-Nimra due to long distance offered the prayers in their tents.